Sunday, January 8, 2017

God's Country Event Dates for 2017

Save the Date(s)

God's Country Fat Tire Festival
Off-Road Duathlon - Saturday 4/08/17
XC Mountain Bike Races - Sunday 4/09/17

Registration is Open:


  1. Is the marathon class only on Saturday?

    1. Yes, the marathon race is Saturday at noon. This will allow you to race both Saturday and Sunday if you wish.

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  3. Can you please provide a map of the God's Country race on the LRT please.

    Thanks. Desiree Stephenson (LMBC)

  4. How are the trails looking with the rain? No threats of cancellation, is there?
    We are planning on camping Saturday night before the race, so just want to make sure.

  5. While this place gets a little crowded and you might have to push through occasionally, it's hard not to mention that a definite plus in this Chicago event space is that you'll rarely have to wait on line in their large bathrooms.