Wednesday, April 13, 2016

God's Country Updates 04/13/16

After months of preparation and training, the time has come for the 2016 God's Country Fat Tire Festival.  Just as you have trained hard we have worked hard to bring you this years events and hope everyone will enjoy themselves and have some Fat Tire fun this weekend.

Online registration is closed.  Please help us and save yourself some time and money by registering online.  We still have some event t-shirts available so register and get yours.  You can still register at the event during race day registration. 

Have any aches and pains? KC Core and Dr Gallion will be onsite both days to help you.

This year we will have Live Results.  You can view live results with the app or by visiting  Click on Find Results

Please check back for any future updates.  We will update this page.


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  2. I wait for this festival all around the year. I am so glad there finally is a blog to keep me updated with all the happenings. This is so exciting and thrilling . I just can not wait for it to get started.

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