Thursday, February 28, 2013

Registration Extended

Two Sports - Twice the Fun
Spring is just around the corner and the 11th Annual God’s Country Fat Tire Festival is fast approaching. Off-road multisport events like Xterra triathlons and mud runs are rapidly growing. These events are popular because many athletes enjoy the adventure and added challenges of running and biking on off-road trails.  Off-road events also tend to be friendlier and more “low-key” than their road counterparts.  They appeal to trail runners, mountain bikes and anyone who likes adventure and doesn’t mind getting dirty during a race.

Hurry and save...due to our recent winter weather, regular registration for the off-road Duathlon has been extended until 3/5/13.  This is also the date to guarantee an event t-shirt as we will be placing our order on that date.  Register today for the duathlon.  

Mountain Bike Entry List

God's Country Mountain Bike Classic Entry List (updated 3/18/13)
Here are the preregistered riders for this years event.
Damian Almanza
Jared Anderson
Jeff Arnaud
Lance Ballou
Levi Ballou
Justin Bay
Mark Beers
Mitch Beller
Mitch Bernskoetter
Shawn Beeton
Roger Billings
Daniel Bresler
Lester Bose
Wesley Boyce
Daniel Bresler
Karen Brocket
JP Brocket
Victoria Brocket
Joshua Carney
Seth Carlson
Randy Clark
Kevin Collins
Sandra Collins
Triston Collins
Michael Conley
Caleb Clark
Randy Clark
Brad Crain
Justin Coke
Mark Davenport
Joseph Dickerson
John Dietrich
John Dotson
Scott Dowis
Andrew Ellis
Phil Ellsworth
Collin Earhart
Rick Farrant
Robert Fisk
Jim Foster
Joe Fultz
Tyler Gill
Micah Gordon
Travis Graham
Tim Greene
Ben Gulick
Brian Hagman
Michael Hall
Brian Hagman
Todd Heckt
Scott Kintner
Corey Hirtz
Paul Jackson
David Jensen
Zach Johnson
Ryan Jones
Larry Kintner
Scott Kintner
Dave Lafond
Dave Lewis
Christopher Locke
James Maynard
Donald Martin
Shane Martin
Dylan Medlock
Nathaniel Merrill
Tim Michael
Forrest Miller
Nancy Miller
Landon Moore
Randy Murdick
Craig Myer-Arenth
Mark Olsen
Jeff O'Neill
Jon Parker
Lowell Premer
Kristopher Presnell
Chuck Remboldt
Lyle Riedy
David Romisch
Brett Ruehter
Mark Ruehter
Toney Sargent
Dan Schaeffer
Ron Schnick
Steve Schweiker
Kenneth Smith
Jim Spellman
Patrick Steele
Nathan Stover
Zach Stover
Brian Tarnow
Josh Taylor
Carly Teater
Katherine Teubner
Marc Thierry
Eric Thompson
Jeff Trader
John Vansooy
Randy Wagner
Chad Walker
Levon Weaver
Curtis Witt
Brian Williams
Roger Williams
Jason Wood
Tom Yahl
David York
Jeffrey Zook

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tifosi Eyewear Joins Fat Tire Festival

Support continues to grow for this years God's Country Fat Tire Festival.  We welcome aboard Tifosi Eyewear. Tifosi mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiast of all sports and outdoor activities.  Our little festival fits right in there with our duathlon on Saturday and the first round of the UFD Mountain Bike series on Sunday. 

Be sure to preregister for the Duathlon and/or Mountain Bike race to get your raffle ticket to win one of the sweet pairs of technical eyewear by Tifosi.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Times Guaranteed at God's Country

It is always fun to look back at our past events.  Below are some photos and a recap of the 2009 version.  One thing you can count on at God's Country is a good time and a fun course.

Photos from the 2009 God's Country Fat Tire Festival

Overall duathlon winners were Tony Raboin in 1:14:15 and Karen Borgstedt in 1:26:45.  Age-group award winners: Josh Patterson, Rich Lueckert, Mike Classen, Chad Wilkins, Malarie Fellers, Angela Redfern, Glenda Taylor, Matt Mellor & Ryan Turner, Gerard Arantowicz and Jessica Hill.

In the MTB race the top finishers are some very familiar   names.

Expert Men
  1. Aaron Elwell
  2. Tom Price
  3. Doug Plummer
  4. Eric Struckoff
  5. Eric Burch
Expert/Sport Women
  1. Jenny Brack
  2. Glenda Taylor
  3. Emily Postrovich
Sport Men
  1. Scott Stevens
  2. Gerard Hart
  3. JP Bracket
Single Speed
  1. Dave Wilson
  2. Telford Crisco
  3. Jeff Arnaud
Master 40+
  1. Craig Myers Arnet
  2. Dave Pitt
  3. Mike Classen
Beginner Male
  1. Adam Keck
  2. Dave Randel