Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Times Guaranteed at God's Country

It is always fun to look back at our past events.  Below are some photos and a recap of the 2009 version.  One thing you can count on at God's Country is a good time and a fun course.

Photos from the 2009 God's Country Fat Tire Festival

Overall duathlon winners were Tony Raboin in 1:14:15 and Karen Borgstedt in 1:26:45.  Age-group award winners: Josh Patterson, Rich Lueckert, Mike Classen, Chad Wilkins, Malarie Fellers, Angela Redfern, Glenda Taylor, Matt Mellor & Ryan Turner, Gerard Arantowicz and Jessica Hill.

In the MTB race the top finishers are some very familiar   names.

Expert Men
  1. Aaron Elwell
  2. Tom Price
  3. Doug Plummer
  4. Eric Struckoff
  5. Eric Burch
Expert/Sport Women
  1. Jenny Brack
  2. Glenda Taylor
  3. Emily Postrovich
Sport Men
  1. Scott Stevens
  2. Gerard Hart
  3. JP Bracket
Single Speed
  1. Dave Wilson
  2. Telford Crisco
  3. Jeff Arnaud
Master 40+
  1. Craig Myers Arnet
  2. Dave Pitt
  3. Mike Classen
Beginner Male
  1. Adam Keck
  2. Dave Randel

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